Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nikon makes good on D600 dust and oil issues...sort of.

Nikon has announced a Service Advisory for the D600 (which was replaced by the D610 a year later) due to the dust and oil issues mentioned here and elsewhere. While I believe this step was in the plans for a while, I also believe that Nikon felt pressure by Class action lawsuits being filed and wanted to look good to the customers of their product after the embarrassment and silent denial of these issues.

This is a good step, but I feel Nikon could have handled it better and quicker. I have had a camera for a year and a half that I have been reluctant to use due to this issue and fear of having my landscape photos ruined with dust and oil spots. The release of the D610 without a simultaneous recall or "Service Advisory" seemed like a slap to the face.

Using the link below you can send your camera to Nikon and they will inspect it, repair and ship it back to you, no charge, even if it is out of warranty. This is how the issue should be handled, and I applaud them for this, however, my applause is one you give for Honorable Mention instead of First Place.


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